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Table Tennis Bats

Table Tennis Bats - Complete and ready to go!

Pre-made / factory-assembled bats have rubbers have already glued to the blade, and ratings refer to the bat as a 'whole'. For a custom bat you need to choose the blade and rubbers individually, and the ratings are determined by the combination once assembled. The main advantage of a pre-made bat is that they're considerably cheaper. Going custom means you end up with a higher quality and better performance bat. Unlike with pre-mades, the rubber for custom bats can easily be replaced when they're worn out, and custom bats offer you many more choices to help you find a combination that works best for your style.

OOAK shop carries a small range of pre-made bats as shown below as this might be the right choice for some, but perhaps consider spending little more for a custom bat, which is of higher quality and start at prices well below some pre-mades you find at sports stores. OOAK offer a variety of custom bats below, which we designed for specific styles or levels (see descriptions), or you can choose your own rubber / blade combination, where we'd be happy to offer advice.

OOAK shop offer a Free professional bat assembly service, which includes cutting and gluing the rubber onto the blade, and also edge tape for a neat finish. Just add the free service to your cart upon checkout, or send us a note or Email to advice us.

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