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Falco Life Expander - extents rubber life


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Falco Life Expander

"Does your rubber go dead after 2 month or even less?? FALCO LIFE EXPANDER is the solution!

Feeds – Protects – prolongs – unglues

It feeds your rubber, keeps the rubber elastic longer. Prolong the life of speed glue integrated rubber by 3 fold. Reduce risk of cracking and bubbles. Restore the grip! VOC free.

For any rubbers:
Apply a single layer on the topsheet side between 2 and 4 times a month. Let it penetrate for a few minutes.

For speed glue integrated rubber:
On the topsheet side, apply a layer between 2 and 4 times a month and on the sponge side, apply a layer once or twice a month. Let it penetrate on the sponge for a few hours.

Apply a small amount between Falco Water Sheet II and the rubber to help take them off.

Boosting / tuning:
Use 2-3 Layers: It boosts your rubber for many days. Takes about 20’ to be ready. (Note: Boosting rubbers is not legal for formal competition under ITTF rules).

Do not apply the FALCO LIFE EXPANDER more than the indicated frequency because the rubber could become engorged. If used correctly, the container should be enough to feed and protect 6 rubbers for 6 months."

Made in Belgium by Berenger, one of the leading manufacturers of table tennis glues.

STAFF NOTE: Just using the Life Expander on the top-sheet only, will already extend the rubber's life time by a lot, and restores it's grip and elasticity. This is a lot easier to do, as you don't even have to remove the rubber from your bat! You can read a more extensive review on our reviews site here:  Falco Life Expander Review

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