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AVX PUROT - tacky glue effect rubber


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A breakthrough in Japanese sponge technology, along with the careful development of a top sheet with matching characteristics makes PUROT the perfect rubber for players, who like to draw equally from Asian and European playing techniques.

  Traditionally, tacky top sheets delivered extreme "bite", but fell short in speed. PUROT solves this problem. While the top sheet still provides the same type of extreme friction, it is softer and more elastic. It works in coordination with the sponge's extreme dynamics to produce a fast, sharply arcing ball at very high speeds. At slow contact speeds the soft sponge allows for very delicate drop shots and pushes.
  PUROT boasts the legendary service spin performance of tacky top sheets, enhanced by the ability to vary in a controlled way how deeply the ball sinks into the sponge, which produces serve variations that are practically undetectable to the receiver. PUROT combines the best of both worlds.

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