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DONIC Waldner OFF World Champion 89 - German-made!

Paul Glassenbury
After playing for approx 25 years and using a variety of blades, I don't think I have ever used a bat with this much speed but with amazing control. It truly has gears! When playing an agressive stroke, this feels definitely quicker than my Persson Dotec blade and my Burn OFF-. Yet, when pushing or attempting a drop shot or simply blocking it has amazing feel and control and I found myself putting balls into the net more than I expected. The blade definitely has a soft feel but combined with my Bluefire M2 rubber seems perfectly suited for an aggressive player who also has the ability for an around game....

Donic Clip (blue) - clip-on net + bracket set - ITTF Approved

This is heavy duty clip on net set, very well made, excellent quality. Would not hesitate to recommend for club....

Hellfire - high disruption and high control long pimple

Excellent Long Pimples!,I tried many Long Pimples before but Hellfire is for me undoubtedly the best.Slow,controllable,very deceptive,intense spin reversal.I had a improvement of my whole game after this rubber,Better in Allround Blades With soft touch, the control is total!All is good except the packaging picture,this must be changed....

TSP Raika table tennis shirt - quality Micro Dry Fit!

JOe Masminster
Excellent fit and quality. Lightweight and breathable. Looks great on me if I do say so myself.

Spinlord BlitzSchlag OX - highly disruptive long pimple

Bjarne Freund-Poulsen
Blitzschlag is a super all-round lp, but its greatest strength is near the table on blocks and aggrasive attacks...

Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 -Digital programmable (regular mail only)

Zoltan Waldner

Fantastic product with excellent service (courteous e-mails, fast response time to any query, fast shipping to Sydney). Does everything as expected, assembly took 10 min and whenever I play with friends, I lift it off the table (1 minute) and store it next door. Putting it back on the table takes a minute.
Another great thing is that the user manual is in plain English and the digital controller is very simple to use (my 6 year old can adjust it :)
Also, people with any skill level can have fun with it, you can adjust all the parameters easily via the digital controller to suit anyone's needs.

I enjoy the very challenging sessions with it practicing different strokes/drills at a time.

IN SUM: the best thing about it is simple use, I switch it on and can start working on shots/drills straight away, no time-consuming setup is required. Again, Alex and Luna was great to deal with, highly recommended robot and shop overall....