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TTSA Member Discounts

Table Tennis South Australia (TTSA) is the leading body of Table Tennis in South Australia, providing the key elements to sustain and grow our sport in SA. If we want to continue to enjoy our sport, and also grow it, TTSA needs support via the affiliations of clubs and players, but also via sponsorship from local businesses.

OOAK Shop are now proud to have grown to a size where we can become official sponsors of TTSA. Furthermore, to encourage TTSA affiliations and membership, we're offering the following discounts:


TTSA Members: 10% off*

If you're a TTSA member (TTSA membership is something you pay for if you wish to play Winter Pennant or TTSA endorsed Tournaments), you're entitled to a 10% discount off items for personal use.


Official TTSA Coaches: 15% off*

If you're an active TTSA coach that either coaches for TTSA or for clubs, you're entitles to a 15% discount off items for your personal use, or items used for coaching.


Affilliated Clubs: 20% off*

If you're an TTSA affiliated club you are entitled to 20% discount off all items that are required for running the club, as well as 20% off goods that are purchased for re-sale to members. Goods must be purchased by the Club Official nominated by the club.


*Discount is offered for goods only (not shipping) and available for most of our range, except for some brands and items listed below, which cannot be discounted. Discount is off the regular price, and does not include items on 'sale'.

  • Butterfly / Nittaku / Stiga / Yasaka Equipment - since we're only an agent for these brands, not a distributor, there is no margin for us to offer any further discount. I'm sure you will still find our prices for these brands among the best in Australia though, and if you do find a better price, you can take advantage of our Price Match policy.
  • Clearance or Bulk items - these items are already discounted, so no further discount can be offered.
  • Gift Vouchers - since Gift Vouches can be used to purchase any items, or given to other people that are not entitled to these TTSA discount, we cannot discount these.


Some commonly asked questions:


1. How do we get the discount?

You simply need to mention to us (Luna or Alex) that you're a TTSA member, and you'll get the discount off the goods. If you buy via the Online Shop (preferred) and choose the Bank Transfer/Deposit option, or pay via the Cheque or Cash option, we will work out the correct amount you need to pay and will advise you, so that you can simply pay the adjusted amount.

Unfortunately if you wish to pay via Paypal or Credit Card directly in our Online Shop, it's too complex for our system to work out the correct discounts, so it's usually easiest to just pay the full amount, and we'll refund you the difference. Contact us if you have any queries on this.


2. Why do coaches & clubs get more discounts than members?

Coaches provide a vital service to the SA table tennis community, often sacrificing their own time and money to provide this service to clubs and individuals. Since we want to support these people, and encourage more players to get involved in coaching, we offer some further discount.

Clubs are the cornerstone of our table tennis community, so to support them we'd like to offer further discount on items required to run the clubs. We'd also like to offer this discount on equipment that clubs have for re-sale. Because all our clubs are not-for-profit, all profits made on sales goes back into our sport, so this is a worthy cause and benefits everyone.


3. I don't know how to glue / don't have glue, do you assemble bats?

Yes we are happy to assemble bats for you, which includes edge tape and a professional finish. If you've bought the rubber and/or blade from us, gluing + edge tape is free of charge. We use proper table tennis glue, so that rubbers are easily removable.


4. Do you have all the goods listed in your shop in stock, or do you need to order them in?

Virtually all goods that you see listed in our online shop are in stock and available immediately, so you won't need to wait. The few items that are not in stock, are marked as such.


5. I need new equipment, but I'm not sure what to get. Can you offer advice?

Yes we certainly can, and you can find out a little about us here, to give you confidence we're qualified to do so. If you're after a bat, but you're not sure what rubber/blade combination would suit you, just shoot us an Email and we'll respond with some suitable recommendations. To give you the best advice, the following information would be most useful:

  • A little about your level of play
  • The types of strokes you mostly play, for both forehand (FH) and backhand (BH) (e.g. I mostly chop on BH, or always loop on FH when I can, etc.)
  • Equipment that you currently use or have used, that you feel suits you
  • Do you have a preference for light or heavy bats

We also have a detailed rubber & blade guide here with some recommendations for certain styles, and also a 1st competition bat guide here, both of which are good reading guides to help you understand a little about equipment, and what's important. We also have a number of Custom table tennis bats, with blade & rubber combination specifically designed by us for different styles of play, you can find these here: 

If you'd like our personal recommendation, just send us an Email, and we'll be happy to offer some recommendation.


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