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Joo Saehyuk bat - TSP Curl p-1r Tenergy 64


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Joo Sea Hyuk equipmentJoo Sae Hyuk table tennis bat

Very few would argue that Joo se hyuk is the best modern defender of all time! Not only does he chop incredable well on both wings, but he's got a world class forehand attack as well.

Joo sae hyuk Blade

Combined with Butterfly, Joo Saehyuk developed this blade especially for him. With its hardness, it is perfect for a long defense as well as quick counter-spins, even when far from the table. The enlarged face of the blade provides the necessary control in chop-and-block play. Joo Saehyuk is suitable for modern defensive play with heavy rotation combined with fast topspins.

Forehand: Butterfly Tenergy 64

Tenergy 64 is the fast attacking rubber of the Tenergy family; the No.64 being the development code of the pimples used in producing this reverse rubber. Butterfly High Tension Technology has enabled a fast dynamic rubber to be produced by utilizing the innovative "Spring Sponge". "Spring Sponge" enables a player to grip the ball and catapult the return back at high speed and with heavy spin.

Joo Se Hyuk modern dfenderBackhand: TSP Curl p1-r long pimple

TSP CURL P-1R has the longest, softest pips among the TSP CURL rubbers producing very deceptive spin and actions after bounching. The is one of the most highly regarded long pimples rubbers, used by many of the top long pimple players in the world. It is a very deceptive rubber and highly durable. Choose 0.3-0.6mm for maximum spin reversal and control, or 1.0-1.3mm for more speed and spin manipulation ability.

The bat will be fully and professionally assembled for you at no extra cost (including edge tape), so it's ready to use when you receive it.

Below you can see some videos of the style that Joo Se Hyuk plays, for which the blade and combination is designed.



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