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Professional bat: Butterfly Viscaria FL + 2 x Tenergy 05

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Viscaria - Optimised for Tenergy rubbers

Since its introduction in 1993, VISCARIA continues to be one of the most popular Butterfly blades. The typical ALC punch and precision combined with a moderate dwell time makes the VISCARIA an excellent all-around topspin blade.

Composition: 5-ply + 2 ALC. The Arylate features catch the oncoming ball and catapult it back by Carbon features.

  • Arylate/Carbon + 5 ply.
  • Speed : OFF (Offensive) - Medium Fast

Tenergy 05:

Butterfly's most popular rubber, using by many top players world wide.

'Spring Sponge' and 'Energy-built-in technology will bring you a totally new sense of stroke. The name of 'Tenergy 05' came from a development code no.05 that was appraised to be best to put spin on balls according to several mechanical measurement results and a lot of trials by various players. This rubber will enable you to put a lot of spin on a ball in services and top-spin plays. It will provide you with the unexperienced high performance in plays, based mainly on spin as if it were a combination of a High Tension Rubber and the one with a tacky surface. Tenergy is a revolutionary inverted rubber with energies built-in realized by an epochal new sponge called 'Spring Sponge' and Butterfly's unique 'High Tension Technology'. It will provide you with a totally new sense of stroke'. 

Butterfly Ratings:

  • Speed: 13.0
  • Spin 11.5
  • Sponge Density 36

The Tenergy 05 rubbers are the ideal rubber for the Viscaria blade. This combination is the basis of many of the Butterfly sponsored players. Many 'name blade' (e.g. Timo Boll Spirit or Timo Boll ALC) are based on the Viscaria.

Note: This listing is for a complete bat, including the Butterfly Viscaria blade (FL), and two Butterfly Tenergy 05 2.1mm rubbers (1red,1black), which will be professionally assembled for you, so that it's ready to use when you receive it.

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