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Rubber Protection Film


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This is one rubber protection film. For one side of the bat only.

It made of soft flexible non-tacky plastic specifically made for table tennis rubber.

It is suitable for all tacky rubbers for protection of the rubber surface and extending the rubber life time.


Alex Dao
4 of 5 Stars
These protectors are really useful when you're not playing and want your rubber clean and tacky. After you play, clean it and place these on, and next time you play it should be like you just bought the rubbers for the first time. My films came free when i bought my Galaxy T-2 butterfly primorac blade.. Brilliant !
brian albertsen
5 of 5 Stars
The protector sheets are great. When your done playing, you just clean the rubber, and place the protector sheets over them and they are just like new the next time you play. Also, it seems like the protector sheets are actually making the rubber stickier. I purchased a Galaxy W-6 and the protectors were included.


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