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Avalox high spin looper - P900 + purot + Sogno

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The P900 is a high quality Sweden-made 9ply blade from Avalox, designed for the modern-style high spin game. Designed for the new plastic balls, the P900 offer good power, yet enough dwell time for a high spin game.

The Purot rubber is soft and elastic, and perfect for a very high spin yet high control game, suitable for both defensive extreme-spin chops, or control high-spin looping. 

The Sogno rubber, although still a high spin rubber, has higher speed gear, so can produce more powerful loops.

With the Sogno on the more dominant side (usually forehand) of the P900 blade, and the Purot on the other side, combines to be a great high-spin style game, with plenty of power to put the ball away!

The bat will be fully and professionally assembled for you at no extra cost (including edge tape), so it's ready to use when you receive it.

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