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Custom bat intermediate level - CW-C Carbon + Focus III Geospin!


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CW-C Carbon blade + Focus III Snipe + Geospin

This is a specially designed combo, including the professional DHS CW-C carbon fibre blade with a comfortable Flared handle, one sheet of 729 Focus II Snipe and one sheet of 729 Geospin Grand Master. These three items make a particularly good combination, for a high speed and high spin game, still with excellent control and the combo will be relatively light.

Style: This combination is suitable for a style based on high speed attack on the forehand, set up and complemented by a high spin and controlled backhand.

Forehand: The 729 Focus III Snipe rubber is a high speed looping rubber. The thin and highly elastic topsheet of the loads up like a spring when you brush loop it, and produces good spin and excellent speed. The Focus III Snipe is one fo the fastest Chinese rubbers, rivalling many of the German/Japanese made rubbers. The carbon fiber layers in the T-2s giving it that extra speed, making it also a very fast combination when you hit it harder..

Backhand: The often naturally weaker backhand requires springy sponge so that blocking and looping/drive can be done with less effort, and a tacky topsheet for heavy chop or topspin. Geospin has the fairly soft and springy 'Power Sponge', and a very spinny, super elastic topsheet, which fits this combination perfectly. Although the Geospin Tacky rubber is a little slow, the Carbon Fiber blade will offer it enough power when you need it.

Blade: Part of the famous Double Happiness 'Wind Series' Blades, this is a VERY POWERFUL, high quality, 7 ply Offensive (OFF+) blade, including 2 layers of high grade carbon fiber. It comes with a comfortable handle. The craftman's ship of this blade is excellent. This is no doubt this one of of DHS's most powerful blade. It feels VERY SOLID, a absolute HITTER's DREAM! It is ideal for a fast attack style game, with the emphasis on loop drive and smash.

  •     5+2C carbon structure, strong at power and fast speed, fits for near-table quick attack.
  •     Ply: 5+2C
  •     Weight: ~90(g)
  •     Thickness: 6.2±0.2 (mm)

The bat will be put together for you free of charge.

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