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World class Intermediate - Advan bat - P700 + Sriver (2.1)


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The rubbers:

There are many new rubbers on the market today, particularly fast and high-tension rubbers and well as speed-glue effect rubbers. While these rubbers can be great for all-out attackers, they are often no good for players that play a more allround game. Spinny rubbers are great for creating spin, but in turn they are very sensitive to your opponent's spin. Fast rubbers are great for attack, but not so great for controlling the pace as they miss that lower gear.
The Japan-made Butterfly Sriver is the classic allrounder, that has been popular for decades. It can generate good spin, yet it's relatively insensitive to your opponent's spin. It generates good pace (especially when combined with a fast blade), yet is excellent for controlling the pace.

The blade:

Avalox offers a range of Swedish-made blades that have the great feel and control of the classic blades made 30+ years ago. Most of the modern mass-produces blades don't offer the control and feel that the classic blades offered.

Although it might sound a little corny, the blade really is the soul of a bat, and once you give up the superior feel and control of a good blade for a mainstream high-tech blade, no rubber choice can ever bring back the great feel and control that the blade can offer. This same control and feel is vital for a developing player, to teach them proper technique for great placement and full control of how much spin and speed they put on the ball.

The Swedish-made Avalox P700 is one of the fastest of the Avalox range, and a famous blade that's been used by top 10 players in the world! This is a fast blade, which is why this combination is classed as intermediate-advanced level. However it has tons of control in the short game, allowing you to take the pace off when required, and attack with power when you iwsh to attack. The blade has some flex which offers it high power even when long distance from the table.

The combination of the blade and rubbers makes for a powerful advanced blade, that can produce good spin and high speed, yet is insensitive to incoming spin and has enough to control the pace. It's a true allrounder for intermediate to advanced players.

This custom bat includes:

  • Avalox P700 ST or FL. The picture shown is FL (flared).
  • 2 x Butterfly Sriver 2.1mm (1red, 1blk),

The bat will be fully and professionally assembled for you at no extra cost (including edge tape), so it's ready to use when you receive it.

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