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Yuto Muramatsu bat - Yuto Muramatsu, Spinpips Chop 2, Tenergy 05


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Yuto Murametsu batThe Japanese shooting star Yuto Muramatsu was a key contributor to the development of this high-end blade. It is a fast DEF blade offering modern defenders, in addition to great reliability in defense, all they need to create their own sudden counter-attacks. The special White Mahogany outer ply of the 5-ply design harmonizes perfectly with Yuto’s OFF power, while the VICTAS design team was also able to improve defense control and precision even further. Yuto Muramatsu is a VICTAS quality product “Made in Japan”.

Yuot uses Tenergy 05 on the forehand, allowing him to create heavy backspin chops, and power attacks when required.

Yuto uses TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 on his backhand. This rubber has very grippy pimple and an ultra soft sponge, allowing the creation of very heavy backspin. Yet the fact that they are pimples, and the rubber has a very soft sponge, allow great control over spin, and offer some 'sink' effect when hitting or blocking, making it hard work for the opponent to loop again.

So this bat includes:

  • Victas Yuto Muramatsu blade
  • Butterfly Tenergy 05 (forehand)
  • TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 (backhand)

The bat will be fully and professionally assembled for you at no extra cost (including edge tape), so it's ready to use when you receive it.

Below you can see some videos of the style that Yuto Muramatsu plays, for which the blade and combination is designed.


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