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Panagiotis Gionis bat - Korbel, Tenergy 64, Feint Long II

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panagiotis Gionis table tennis batThe Butterfly Petr Korbel model is an ideal blade for variable offensive style of play, combining hard and direct attacks with a wide range of sensitive spin stokes. This blade was designed in collaboration with the legendary player Petr Korbel. Made in Japan

Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the fast attacking rubber of the Tenergy family; the No.64 being the development code of the pimples used in producing this reverse rubber. Butterfly High Tension Technology has enabled a fast dynamic rubber to be produced by utilizing the innovative "Spring Sponge". "Spring Sponge" enables a player to grip the ball and catapult the return back at high speed and with heavy spin. Tenergy 64 is for the attacker who plays for the offensive play in a middle distance.

Used by some of the world's best modern defenders, Feint Long II is ideal for modern defensive play and unpredictability. The effect of long pimple rubber is maximised when the pimples are thinner and taller. The aspect ratio (the length of the pimples divided by the width of it's top) of Feint Long II is right on the limit of the official ITTF rules. This maxmimisation creates unexpected returns to your opponent and is best used in combination with another rubber to mix up play and force errors.

This table tennis bat includes:

  • 1 x Butterfly Petr Korbel FL/ST (made in Japan)
  • 1 x Tenergy 64 2.1mm
  • 1 x Feint Long II 1.3mm (long pimple rubber)

Panagiotis Gionis (born January 7, 1980) is a Greek table tennis player and a dentist. He is a member of the Greek National Team and has competed in 4 Olympics and many World and European Championships. He is without a doubt one of the top modern defenders currently on the world circuit. Below you can see a video to illustrate the style of game he plays:


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