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Premium Advanced bat - super LINEAR - Darker Alba ST+ Regalis


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Darker Alba + Regalis

Note: picture shown in Flared which is currently out of stock. Now only ST handle is available.

Many modern bats have a lot of catapult, which is means at a certain level of impact, they suddenly get a big boost in rebound, which can take players a long period to adjust to.

Many players in the higher grade appreciate a more linear response, where the amount of power produced by the bat, is proportional to effort put into the shot. This can lead to better precision and consistancy.

Darker have designed the Alba blade (described below) to have a most linear response. When combined with the TSP Regalis rubbers, which are powerful modern rubbers also with a highly liear response, combine to create a powerful attacking bat with a very linear response.


TSP Regalis

TSP Regalis is a new Japanese rubber innovation featuring great spin potential and integrated Dynamic Tension Technology. With its extremely tacky top rubber sheet and the typical playing features “Made in Japan”, TSP Regalis fits in seamlessly in the series of Japanese Spin Classics.

Regalis Blue is the harder version for close-to-the-table, high-topspin attackers. The direct feel of the blue sponge with integrated Dynamic Tension Technology produces tons of spin and guarantees very stable bouncing for more control in passive situations. In hard-hit attacks, the incoming rotation is converted to speed and maximum spin. Made in Japan

  • Speed: 102
  • Spin: 109
  • Control: 94

Regalis Red combines the legendary Japanese spin features with a red medium OFF sponge with integrated Dynamic Tension Technology. Regalis Red is a real OFF Classic with convincing catapult effect, great spin and forgiveness. A genuine OFF Classic made in Japan for a feel just like in the good old “Speed Glue Times”. Made in Japan.

  • Speed: 105
  • Control: 93
  • Spin: 108


This is a premium quality bat, with the Alba Sakura blade hand-made in Japan, and the TSP Regalis rubbers also made in Japan. The bat will have the firmer-sponged and more powerful Regalis Blue for the forehand, and the softer with higher control Regalis Red for the backhand. Of course the player can swap over if they have a difference preference.

The bat will be fully and professionally assembled for you at no extra cost (including edge tape), so it's ready to use when you receive it.




Characteristics of Sakura blades:

Soft shock-absorbance and strong flex to co-exist with a slight time-lag is the biggest feature of the Sakura. Weak flex at the low end of impact, strong flex at the high end of impact. (red line on the graph)

That is one characteristic that, surprisingly, few blades possess. Most blades have too much bounce on drop shots or blocks, and conversely, when hitting hard away from table, the power of a multi-ply blade often does not come out as one might expect.(blue line on the graph). The Sakura series solves issue, as illustrated by the red line in the graph.

--- The blue line represents that strong rebound occurs upon low impact and rebound not strong enough occurs upon high impact(non-symmetric performance).

--- The red line represents that weak rebound occurs upon low impact and strong rebound occurs upon high impact(symmetric performance). This is what the Sakura series offers.

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