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Darker Sakura Serio (made in Japan) ST

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Darker Serio blade

Part of the SAKURA series of blades from Darker, new for 2014, read more information on the SAKURA Technology here.

As a result of "Sakura", the hinoki-only plywood blade comes with good "catapult" and at the same time the experience of "sharp stretch"!!


A unique characteristic realized by Sakura is the flexible feel at impact that allows for ease of driving. This blade is especially suitable for players who favor soft feel at impact. You should be able to feel the catapult, and at the same time the good stretch of hinoki.


  • For offensive play
  • Thickness 6.5mm
  • Weight ~90g
  • All-hinoki 7-ply plywood
  • JTTAA Approved
  • Metal Tag
  • Made in Japan

The cherry blossom pink (as seen between plies on the edge of the blade) is the proof of Sakura.


Characteristics of Sakura blades:

Soft shock-absorbance and strong flex to co-exist with a slight time-lag is the biggest feature of the Sakura. Weak flex at the low end of impact, strong flex at the high end of impact. (red line on the graph)

That is one characteristic that, surprisingly, few blades possess. Most blades have too much bounce on drop shots or blocks, and conversely, when hitting hard away from table, the power of a multi-ply blade often does not come out as one might expect.(blue line on the graph). The Sakura series solves issue, as illustrated by the red line in the graph.

--- The blue line represents that strong rebound occurs upon low impact and rebound not strong enough occurs upon high impact(non-symmetric performance).

--- The red line represents that weak rebound occurs upon low impact and strong rebound occurs upon high impact(symmetric performance). This is what the Sakura series offers.


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