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KTL Instinct, controlled attack blade (5ply)


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Unbeatable control with attacking power! Instinct is specifically designed for the attacking player who is tired of blasting balls off the table. A special blend of soft and medium hardness wood gives this 5 ply blade a medium high degree of flexibility while maintaining a steady short game."


Ratings :

Speed: OFF-, 5 ply blade  

Control: Maximum 

 Weight 85+/-2g


Review (from Web Newsgroup):

"Ok, I got in my instinct and i+'s in this morning. To look at them you'd think they were the 896's. Ayous outer ply with deep grains but a little smoother and seemingly less prone to splintering than 896 and some other ayous blades. Handle's just a smidge thinner than 896 but not much. Call it medium plus with a slight, gradual flare.


Playing with the 5ply is about like the galaxy 896 but a little quicker on the 1st gear and maybe not as springy from a distance. But at the table it performs much better. It truly is a marvel of stability and control. As opposed to galaxy 896 which is a marvel in looping only. If you only loop, you might still want to go the way of the 896. If you're a true allaround player who uses a gambit of shots, I think you'll find this one of the best blades you've ever used.


I think this is going to be faster than what I was guessing by the descriptions. I think for most people in the market for wood blades off- this will be fast enough. I haven't tried the 7ply yet. I do think the 7ply runs a little heavier though."



David Chew
5 of 5 Stars
For the price, you get control and speed. Chuck on some fast non-tacky rubbers and this thing is a beast. I personally use focus II and LKT XP Gold Dragon. It has really good control when blocking and really explosive when looping and driving. Great bat even for beginners or players moving on from a pre-made.
Terence Jandroep
4 of 5 Stars
As a former National champion 1986 and Masteru-40 in 1999, I am now pursuing a racket to make my come-back. I have tried several items, but feel the sport has progessed significantly. So I got to go back to the basics. I have practiced with this blade for the last 2 months and gradually changed my rubbers. I suggest the combination with DAWEI 388-a FH and Friendship (faster) BH, you have speed and control. Not suitable for a looper but a control spinner. Hope to make it to the Nationals by end of the year in Aruba
Lee Rogers
5 of 5 Stars
The Instinct blades are exceptional and wondrous. Extremely cheap, impressive quality, superb performance. Beginners outstanding choice. The Instinct blades are specified controlled attack. The Instinct 5 ply is the thinner, much lighter, more feeling and not as strong as the Instinct+.


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