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KTL Instinct+, controlled attack blade (7ply)


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Unbeatable control with attacking power! Instinct is specifically designed for the attacking player who is tired of blasting balls off the table. A special blend of soft and medium hardness wood gives this 7-ply blade a medium degree of flexibility while maintaining a steady short game.


Ratings :

  • Speed: OFF-
  • 7-ply blade
  • Control: Maximum 


Review (from Web Newsgroup):

"Ok, I got in my instinct and i+'s in this morning. To look at them you'd think they were the 896's. Ayous outer ply with deep grains but a little smoother and seemingly less prone to splintering than 896 and some other ayous blades. Handle's just a smidge thinner than 896 but not much. Call it medium plus with a slight, gradual flare.


Playing with the 5ply is about like the galaxy 896 but a little quicker on the 1st gear and maybe not as springy from a distance. But at the table it performs much better. It truly is a marvel of stability and control. As opposed to galaxy 896 which is a marvel in looping only. If you only loop, you might still want to go the way of the 896. If you're a true allaround player who uses a gambit of shots, I think you'll find this one of the best blades you've ever used.


I think this is going to be faster than what I was guessing by the descriptions. I think for most people in the market for wood blades off- this will be fast enough. 


The Instinct+ 7-ply is definitely faster than the 5ply. I'd call it a control side of offensive, but a little fast for me to put it into offense- category.



Paul Cervera
5 of 5 Stars
Realy good blade, I use it since 2 years . Good Control, enough fast .
Lee Rogers
5 of 5 Stars
The Instinct blades are exceptional and wondrous. Extremely cheap, impressive quality, superb performance. Beginners outstanding choice. The Instinct blades are specified controlled attack. The Instinct+ 7 ply is the meatier, weightier and stronger of the Instinct blades.


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