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Re-Impact Turbo - new for 2018!


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Description from Re-Impact:

The Turbo has a great sweet spot behaviour for the forehand. With the forehand side, you can play both techniques such as rising and falling balls with the same spin behaviour, the backhand is thoroughly classic and constructed completely catapult-less.
The combination blade is a universal blade. All play coverings can be used. For a spin-less shot, you should use a surface with a hardness of at least 44 °. Especially patterned or classic older coverings in thinner versions of approx. 1.5 mm or even thinner should be used to keep the total weight as low as possible.

The thicker a re-impact blade, the greater its sweet spot behaviour; the thinner it is, the smaller the sweet spot behaviour. The forehand is active and designed very directly, so that the balls must be played in the ascending flight phase due to the medium-strong catapult of the holt. A long ball guiding is only possible if the blade is played down to counter the fast-starting catapult. The backhand, however, is completely conventional and catapult-less. Only falling balls with the highest possible spin or cutting behaviour can be played.

With the Turbo, you should not select a mcpsystem, as harder handles can also increase the weight. The best choice are soft handles with an additionally selected precious seal in mahogany, as this non-fading stain looks wonderful with the paint and hardens the surface of the softer handles. Since the racket blade is already very thick with its 13 mm, hard handles would result in too much rigidity of the blade and the lining with soft blade would become too difficult to grasp for the smallest hands to be optimally played.


  • Weight: ~60-65g (for Normal size)
  • Thickness: ~12.8 mm
  • Control: 8
  • spin: 8
  • rigidity: 7
  • speed (1): FH 10 / BH 3
  • speed (2): FH 3 / BH 10
  • type: Off / Def
  • technic: active
  • combination: yes
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