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LKT TOXIC 5 TACTICAL Blade - Super Defensive!


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LKT Toxic 5 Tactical Blade


Note that this is a professional blade which does not come with rubbers. Rubbers should be chosen according to the player's style.

LKT Toxic 5:


  • 5 ply wood construction
  • Blade rated for Tactical play
  • For maximum spin manipulation
  • Special tactical handle
  • Super FAT low positioned sweet spot
  • Perfect for no sponge or thin sponge rubbers
  • Lacquered finish


  • Weight is stamped 84grams
  • Thickness about 6mm


To protect the unique quality of the Toxic line the wood layer types and positioning are trade secrets.

Toxic series of blades are the ultimate blades for controlling the pace and spin of the game. Truly unique design tested by professional players gives this blade the ability to add or take speed and spin from the ball with unparallel control. Special Tactical notches in the backside of the handle provides ventilation for decreased moisture, increased grip and most important provides the 2 rubber type player with a physical reminder of the blade position.

It's a defensive player's dream blade, with unparallelled feel of the ball, and with it's huge dwell time giving you excellent control of the pace and spin of the ball. This blade is mainly suited to defensive style players but can be used for offensive play with an appropriate choice of rubber(s). This blade is a fair bit faster than the Toxic 3 blade, still giving you excellent control and feel, but allowing you to play some offensive shots as well.

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