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*Gluing / Assembly service (except bulk sale or clearance items)


When the blade and rubbers are bought together from our shop (in the same transaction / order), FREE gluing (bat assembly) will be provided on request, including free edge tape on the edge of the blade, so that your bat is ready to go once you received it.
We provide this as a professional service, and we use appropriate water based table tennis glue so it's legal for competition and the rubbers are removable when it's time to change.

If you like us to glue the bat for you, please add this service in your cart.

Unless you advice us otherwise, we use the following procedure for gluing:

  1. If you pick two inverted rubbers that are the same, we will put the red one on the forehand.
  2. If you pick 2 different rubbers, we will use our judgement to decide which is the faster or attacking rubber, and put this on the forehand.
  3. If you pick one inverted and one pimple / anti rubber, we will put the inverted rubber on the forehand.
  4. If you choose a combination blade (a blade where one side is faster than the other), we will glue the faster rubber on the faster side of the blade.
  5. If you choose a Chinese Pengrip Blade (Cpen), we will glue the rubber roughly 12mm above the handle as is customary. If you select a rubber for the other side as well (for RPB), we will leave the same gap on the other side.
  6. If you choose a pimple rubber in OX (no sponge), we may use a glue sheet, or use glue, to glue it to the blade.

NOTE: The forehand of a blade is the side with the writing on the blade face, or the side with the logo/insert on the handle.

NOTE: If it's important to you which side (red or black) we put on the forehand, please let us know to make sure we glue it according to your wishes!

Note: For bulk sale or clearance items, the gluing fee will be $5AUD for each bat.

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