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YinHe/Galaxy J-1 single-ply 10mm Ayous blade!


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Galaxy J-1 single-ply Ayous blade!


Galaxy (also known as Yin-He) is a well-known Chinese company that has been producing table tennis equipment over 20 years. 
They offer some very high quality hi-tech blades for competition and professional players. Blades such as this one are of VERY good quality, 
and offers excellent value for money. Galaxy makes some of the top Chinese blades, and it's a well-kept secret that they make (and re-badge) 
some blades for non-Chinese companies as well.


This 1-ply blade is quite unique in shakehand, and we're not aware of any others lie it. Like other single ply blade, the J-1 has a soft feel,
and has great touch and feel for the short game. But when you start hitting harder you'll feel the great power of this blade. Although
rated all round, for an offensive looping style game it feels a fair bit faster than this. Because of the thick 10mm ply, the handle feels
a little thicker than normal and feels very comfortable.


  • Blade: 1 ply 10mm Ayous wood
  • Style: Allround
  • speed: 8
  • control: 9
  •  Huge sweetspot
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