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DHS PG7 Ma Long + Bluefire M2 + Hurricane 3 Neo - 2 red rubbers

$138.00  $100.00
Save: 28% off

This is a fully customized bat, with a high quality DHS Power.G PG7 Ma Long blade, a powerful and high spin Bluefire M2 2.0mm red on one side, and a high spin Hurricane 3 Neo red on the other side.

This is a highly discounted item because it has red rubbers on both sides, which is not legal for competition, but perfectly fine for casual / social play. A customer ordered the rubbers both in red, but changed their mind after it has been assembled. This is priced so that the Hurricane Neo 3 rubber is basically free, so you can play with it as it is, or change one rubber to a black one, and put the red on another bat.

Both the rubbers and the blade are brand new.

DHS Power.G PG7 Ma Long blade

7-ply wooden blade with incredible energy and power. The outer surface is lacquered by special technique which increases the power of the strokes. Recommended by Ma Long.

  • blade speed: 88
  • blade control: 66
  • number of layers: 7
  • approximate weight(g): ~90
  • type: OFF++
  • thickness (mm): 6.3


Note: This is a fully assembled custom bat, consisting of two brand new (red) rubbers and a brand new blade. The bat has been professionally assembled including edge tape, and is ready to use once you receive it.


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