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Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+ (inc 48 Newgy 1 star balls)

Starting at: $1,169.00

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For Australia only, via regular mail only. (Please don't choose "express postage" option) Thank you!

NOTE: All our 2040 models include an update to ensure they'll also work with the new 40+ plastic balls (as well as with all the old balls).

Newgy Industries is the world leader in table tennis (ping pong) robots. Newgy robots are the best selling, most affordable robots in the world. Robo-Pong robots are renowned for being very user-friendly. They are simple and easy to set-up, use, take-down, and transport. Our robots are supported with thorough, well-written documentation, an extensive web site, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. You'll have everything you need to begin playing within a few minutes of opening the box.

When you're ready for the big step, this is the ultimate robot for serious players or those with discriminating tastes. The Robo-Pong 2040 robot can do everything Robo-Pong 1040 does and more. Recycling Net captures your returns and recycles the balls for non-stop action! Plug in optional Pong-Master for a fun target game to hone your accuracy and consistency or use it as a timer for your drills.

Full specifications are given below:

Specifications For Robot Pong 2040A
Topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spins
Shot Selection
Push, chop, serve, drive, lob, fast loop
Head Angle
Adjust from low (serves) to high (lobs)
Power Source
Australian Standard
Set-Up & Take Down
Quick and easy set-up and take down take less than 5 minutes.
No assembly or tools required.
Can be used on all known commercial table tennis tables
Remote Control
Convenient control box enables quick adjustments without stopping play
Limited one-year warranty. Parts available worldwide.


Balls per minute, max.
Balls per minute, min.
Ball speed (MPH), max.
Ball speed (MPH), min.
Ball capacity, 40mm
Ball capacity, 38mm
Oscillator ranges
Remote Controls**
*Recommended capacity, balls recycle
**S=Speed, F=Frequency, O=Oscillator, P=Power
Some specifications may vary slightly from robot to robot.


Robot-Pong 2040 Package Includes:

  • Ball Thrower (With Oscillation)
  • Recycling Net System
  • Side Net Extenders
  • Rubber Tips Packet
  • Full size Control Box
  • Transformer (Australian standard)
  • Connector Cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Carton Size 93 x 41 x 35cm
  • 48 Newgy 1 star balls
  • Carton Weight 10.10kg

Newgy Robots come with a full and comprehensive 1 year Australian warrantee.



Who needs a robot?
No doubt everyone can benefit from the use of a robot, if they use it sensibly. Some of the great benefits of table tennis robots are outlined below, so if you want to be convinced, or need to convince your parents or coach that a robot is worthwhile, read on and you will see the greatest benefits.

#1 Ideal for practicing, fine-tuning and speeding up your strokes
Assuming you have learnt the basic strokes, you need to practice them to get better. Robots are ideal for this, because they have the ability to give you the same ball over and over again, allowing you to (1) practice the stroke, (2) fine-tune the stroke, (3) speed it up once you have mastered it and (4) see what effects some minor adjustment can make.

A real practice partner will almost certainly not give you the same ball continuously, so if you start missing you will not know if the ball came a little different, or if you made an error in you stroke or footwork. Of course a real practice partner will also likely run out of energy or will get bored...something you do not need to worry about with a robot!

#2 Makes table tennis fun and good for your health, especially for kids
If you are keen to get your own or other kids interested in table tennis, then a robot is a real treat. Kids love this sort of thing. You can use it as a treat after some serious training, or as a demo to get new kids interested, or just have it around as a bit of fun. At starting prices similar to games consoles, surely the use of a robot is a lot healthier for kids, instead of sitting in front of a monitor for hours!

#3 Exercise and Health
If you thought table tennis does not require much fitness or endurance, think again! Once you have learned some of the basic strokes you will realise you need a lot more than just an arm movement to play a proper stroke, and you need to move your feet to get into position to play your strokes properly. A robot setup to oscillate or programmed to shoot out balls to specific locations, can feed you balls all over the table, over and over again, at a speed and frequency of your choice. This will give you a great workout, for either losing weight or gaining fitness and/or endurance. Not only will the weight loss and improvement in fitness/endurance improve your game, but it will no doubt improve your coordination and strokes enormously as well.

#4 A great aid for Group Coaching
After speaking to a coach who does a lot of group coaching, it is clear how valuable a robots can be. To keep costs down, only very simply robots can make group coaching so much easier, and require a lot less helpers or other coaches. You can simply set the robots up for a particular stroke that the kids need to learn, and allow them to practice it over and over again, while you walk around the group and offer advice where needed. In this case a few smaller robots, costing only a few hundred dollars each, can be much more valuable then a single more complex unit.

#5 Improve footwork and coordination
Apart from allowing you to practice your individual strokes, most robots can be set to oscillate or even programmed to shoot out balls to specific locations. This can be highly valuable to practice your footwork, and speed it up once you have mastered the basics. This again is especially useful for kids, and their coordination is still developing, and footwork can be taught right from the start.

#6 To play when no partner is available
Although a robot is no substitute for a partner to play with, it sure is a lot better than not being able to play at all!

#7 Practice to handle a weakness or a trouble shot from an opponent
For those that play competition, you will know everyone has a weakness. Once an opponent find this, and has the ability to use it against you, it can mean the end of the game. A robot can be setup to play the balls you have trouble with, so you can practice it over and again, until you you turn it into a strength.

Similarly other players will have trouble with a particular shot, and will try and to stop you from playing this shot. A robot can be set up to play any shot, so that you practice how to generate a particular stroke no matter what stroke your opponent gives you.

#8 Clubs facility
A club that has a robot available is a likely attraction for new players. It can be a very important facility that you can offer to your members, and can offer great benefits as outlined above.

These are the major advantages of robots, there are no doubt others that can be added to the list. Apart from the initial cost, there is no doubt a robot can be put to good use no matter what level or style player you are. Robots like the Newgy 540 are priced similar to a games console, and would no doubt offer many more benefits and plenty of fun, so they are well worth considering.

Note: For Australia only. Via regular mail only.

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