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Spinlord Feuerstich - highly disruptive, wide spacing long pip


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Spinlord Feuerstich

Everyone is talking about an amazing new weapon for players using long pimple rubbers. We have it!

The distance between the individual pimples is significantly greater for the "Feuerstich" (FireSting) than that of other rubbers. Also the pimples themselves are softer and more elastic than usual. This combination makes the Feuerstich more dangerous than every other long pimple rubber previously available. At the same time Feuerstich offers very good control.

Feuerstich is somewhat faster than Spinlord's other long pimple rubbers, and is very versatile - this rubber provides success both with offensive spin-destructive returns and with a classical undercut defense.

Feuerstich is already Spinlord's fifth long pimple rubber. Following the world-wide success of our Dornenglanz and Blitzschlag, Spinlord now presents a long pimple rubber for all those players who are looking for an even greater destructive effect.

Almost anyone can sell new rubbers, but only Spinlord offers real innovation.


  • Speed: 5
  • Control: 8
  • Disruptive Effect: 9

Staff Notes:

Feuerstich is a relatively fast long pimple rubber (which makes it more dangerous) and is best for attack close-in (active play) or for chopping away from the table. Blocking with this rubber is easy but not as dangerous as with other long pimples. The pimples are extra sturdy and this rubber is clearly made for active play. The wide pimple spacing makes it highly disruptive.

When combining Feuerstich with a soft blade it plays like other pimples with a thin sponge, making it highly suitable for chopping.

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