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Butterfly Feint Long II


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Butterfly Feint Long II long pimple rubber

Used by some of the world's best modern defenders, Feint Long II is ideal for modern defensive play and unpredictability.

The effect of long pimple rubber is maximised when the pimples are thinner and taller. The aspect ratio (the length of the pimples divided by the width of it's top) of Feint Long II is right on the limit of the official ITTF rules. This maxmimisation creates unexpected returns to your opponent and is best used in combination with another rubber to mix up play and force errors.


  • Speed: 6.25
  • Spin: 3.25 (this refers to the abiltiy to create spin, while the spin returned can be much higher)
  • Sponge hardness: 38deg
  • made in Japan


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