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JengKing - new long pimple from The Pimpleholics


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JengKing long pimple

The first long pimple rubber from the The Pimpleholics!

Our long pimple out rubber is quite different from other rubbers. A new polymer has been added to the rubber compound which makes it more elastic, more tacky and even more dangerous. The pimple has large pips, straight and the tips are flat.

JengKing is our suggestion for intermediate and advanced players  who prefer a modern and very versatile form of defensive play. This rubber is not easy to control, but can create much more different kinds of spin compared to other long pimple rubbers.

JengKing can be played most effectively close to the table, but you can do so much more with it then just blocking and chopping. This rubber is also good for attack style.


  • Speed: 4
  • Control: 5.5
  • Deception: 8

OOAK mini-review:

The rubber is quite slow, significantly slower than Dornenglanz, and it takes the pace off really well.

When (passive) blocking medium-fast loops the trajectory is really low, remarkably low actually, which makes blocking easy and very effective, as it produced a short and low ball. Reversal on these blocks is quite good, but it's not as important when the ball is low and short.

On slow and/or high spin loops, the rubber is a little sensitive to spin, so you need to adjust for spin, and the reversal on these is fairly low. It's still very slow though, so it produces slow floating balls, which are quite awkward for the opponent. This is very likely to improve as the rubber wears in.

Pushing against backspin is not as effective, as the ball grips quite a bit, and the reversal is not high. However these balls can be attacked (hit or punch) very effectively with this rubber, so that's the strategy to use against those types of balls. A faster blade, or one with a harder outer ply will increase reversal.

Chopping (agaionst loops) produces very good backspin, and you can really feel the ball grip on the bat. Again the low throw on medium/high impact is very low, so it produces very low balls with good backspin.

Below is short video of amateur playing using JengKing rubbers.


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