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Yasaka Mark V


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Yasaka Mark V (pronounced "mark five") was one of the first to blend natural and synthetic rubber compounds. It has been one of the top-selling rubber for decades. It has been a strong weapon in world class championship play with its dynamic speed, spin and great control. It is used by several Australian Olympians, Commonwealth Games representatives and well as many international players.

So why is Mark V so popular?

Its strength is its versatility. Push, block, loop or serve, Mark V is steady and reliable in all facets of the game. Mix this with extremely high durability, and a most affordable price for a rubber made in Japan, it's no wonder this rubber has remained so popular. Mark V is also great against players that play with heavy spin, as the rubber is quite insensitive to incoming spin (compared with most modern rubbers), making it much easier to keep the ball onto the table and apply pressure onto the opponent.

What sponge thickness to choose?

Mark V comes in a variety of sponge thicknesses, ranging from 1.0mm to max (~2.3mm). Generally a thinner sponge gives you more feel and control, while a thicker sponge gives more power (catapult) and spin at the top end. Spin is pretty much the same for all thicknesses if you brush the ball, but if you loop drive or loop hard, you'll get benefits from a thicker sponge. Our recommendations fort sponge thickness are as follows:

  • 1.0mm: Ideal for highly defensive players that get spin by brushing the ball very finely, and get extreme control from the very thin sponge, allowing them to just keep gettting the ball back. Perfect for specialised blades like balsa blades from Re-Impact.
  • 1.5mm: Suitable for mostly defensive play but allows a little harder attack when required.
  • 1.8mm: Perfect for beginners and allround players that mix defense with some attack.
  • 2.0mm: Perfect for developing to intermediate players. Combines with a all-wooden ALL+ to OFF- blade (something Avalox P500 or Blue Thunder 550) it makes a perfect beginner bat that is suitable up to intermediate level. Combined with a faster blade, it's suitable even up to advanced level for players that play an allroiund game comprising of both attack and defense.
  • Max (~2.3mm): Suitable for 2-winged power loopers for all out attack. Combines well with a stiffer 7-ply blade (like Avalox P700 or TSP Swat) for offensive looping game.

For suitable blades for Mark V, check out our table tennis bat section ,which has some great combination of mark V rubber & blade combinations.

Why buy Yasaka Mark V from OOAK Shop?

OOAK Shop is an authorised Yasaka distributor, and guarantees genuine products and fresh stock. We offer fast shipping as all our goods are in stock. Our FREE professional assembly service is second to none, and includes Yasaka edge tape.

Mark V Ratings (out of 100):

  • Speed: 90
  • Spin: 90
  • Control: 78
  • Sponge hardness: Medium +
  • Durability: Very high
  • Made in Japan

Yasaka Mark V rubber

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