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Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive - made in Japan (old version)


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Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive Blade

Based on the best selling VICTAS Koji Matsushita blade, which was designed with the main focus on a perfect balance between defense and attack, the new Koji Matsushita Defensive model puts even more emphasis on absolute control. The outer Silver Heart wood veneers suppress the balls impact energy, which makes it much easier to return your opponents attacks. The ideal weapon for choppers seeking ultimate control in their defensive game. Each of these outstanding blades is created individually in a complex manufacturing process - hand-made in Japan.


  • 5 ply wood
  • Made in Japan (hand made)


Who are Victas?


Japanese table tennis legend Koji Matsushita was a virtuoso with the celluloid ball in his time, enthusing his fans all over the world with his striving for the perfect game. The Japanese premium brand VICTAS has also been inspired by Koji‘s passion for perfection.

VICTAS stands for: Innovation - Quality -Passion.

Our mission is to develop products that will make every player better. If you are looking for a revolutionary brand with second-to-none commitment and passion for innovation (e.g. German-Japan-Technology, High-Energy-Tension, DSE, etc.), VICTAS will be the right choice. In order to meet our high product quality standards, our team of VICTAS experts in Japan and Europe is ready to face the challenge every single day. We live and work by the motto “Nothing but the very best will do”.

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