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TSP Ventus Soft - very soft high spin Tension rubber!


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TSP Ventus Soft

Ventus Soft is an ultra-soft, high-precision and fun-to-play offensive rubber offering excellent control. When designing Ventus Soft, the TSP rubber experts relied on the “Optimized Rotation Concept” and developed one of the softest and most controllable sponges in the offensive segment. Thanks to the super-elastic, open-pore 35° sponge of Ventus Soft, the ball virtually digs into the rubber for extraordinary spin variations. Plus, Ventus Soft features excellent sound and great catapult effect for optimum control even in the most difficult situations. Thanks to the fast top  rubber sheet, powerful smashes or topspin bombs also come very easy


  • Speed: 101
  • Spin: 106
  • Control: 97

About the Ventus series:

The development of the new TSP Ventus series posed a great challenge to our Japanese TSP material experts, the numerous scientists involved and all the test players worldwide: The goal was to design state-of-the-art offensive rubbers with an excellent cost/performance ratio and highly balanced playing features for any type of playing style. The result: Ventus Speed, Ventus Spin and Ventus Soft. In endless test series, the rubbers were put through their paces in order to optimize the rotation development and control properties of the rubbers. ORC stands for Optimized Rotation Concept. This new rubber technology was developed and perfected exclusively for the Ventus series.

Your advantage: More rotation and control by a longer ball contact time thanks to the new made-for-spin top rubber sheet and the softer sponge design.


ORC: The TSP Ventus series features the innovative “Optimized Rotation Concept” rubber technology. This technology with a new, open-pore sponge design, guarantees longer ball contact which results in significantly more rotational energy transfer on the ball. In addition, the “Optimized Rotation Concept” enables a higher ball trajectory and provides for fantastic control in your play in addition to dangerous spin variants!

JG COMBI: German innovation spirit meets Japanese precision! With the Ventus rubber series, TSP has taken rubber development to the next level. The TSP Ventus series is the result of “Japan Germany Combination”, i.e. a close cooperation of Japanese product developers and German designers, combining many decades of experience in rubber design with state-of-the-art production methods.

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