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Spinlord Agenda (Clearance)

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Spinlord Agenda

Like Sternenfall, Agenda also has ribbed pimples, but they are much softer. This make Agenda much more dangerous specially for chopping and undercut defense. Hardly any other rubber is so dangerous for these strokes, but Agenda has the advantage of still being easy to control.

Also blocking and attacking is possible and very easy to play.

But these strokes are not so dangerous with Agenda then with Dornenglanz so Agenda is best for players who can use the advantage of this rubber in classical defense away from the table. Altogether close to the table Agenda plays like a good standard all-around long pimple rubber and it gets better the larger the distance between the table and the player is.

We suggest Agenda for above average players.


Speed: 4.5

Control: 4

Deception: 9.5


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