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Re-Impact Select M3 - ideal for Anti or LP


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Re-Impact Achim Select M3

Newly re-designed in 2017, this blade is designed for a high control game, with a (firm) anti-spin rubber on back with a thin sponge, and a high spin rubber on forehand. Long pimple (OX) work very well with this blade too.

Compbined with the antispin on the backhand, this blade aids spin reversal and has great 'braking effect'. allowing you to block short with heavy backspin (against an incoming topspin ball). The forehand has very high dwell time, and greatly enhances the amount of spin you can generate, even with a traditional rubbers. As with toher Re-Impact blade, control over the pace of the ball is very high, offering low catapult on soft impact, yet high catapult on medium to high impact.

Great for an alround game, from close-in to mid-distance.

Weight: ~65g

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