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Pluto - spinny short pimple rubber


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"Pluto: The God of the underworld in Roman Mythology.  

Pluto is deep, dark and mysterious. Milky Way uses the optimal pimple structure and a novel rubber formula to make Pluto more effective and deadlier than traditional pips-out rubber. As a result, Pluto is fast, produces heavy spin and a very flat trajectory, making it difficult for opponents to adapt. 

Not only does Pluto reconcile speed and spin, it also features the high elasticity or raw rubber, thus making it the weapon of choice for fast attack and pips-out players."

Review: Review of Galaxy Yin-He Pluto


Andrew Gooding
5 of 5 Stars
Galxy Pluto is a good rubber for those who like to roll, block and hit. They are soft "raw" pimples, widely spaced and a bit longer than usual short pips. They are very good for rolling back your opponents serve low and fast. They also flip well, allow you to block both slow and fast and smashes are quick point enders. If you are used to very spinny pips or inverted, Pluto will not allow you to "get away" with looping or pushing long serves, you need to work with the spin, not try to cancel it so in this way they are in between short and long pips. On a fast blade the 1.3 mm sponge seemed to have enough speed, though I would like to try a thicker sponge at some point. They do encourage a more patient game based on blocking and countering than a spinnier pip. All in all, if you like an active short pip game you should give them a try! -- Andrew


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