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Gift set - Bomb blade professional loop attack style bat


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Gift set - professional loop attack style bat

This gift set is especially designed for a 2-winged looping style game, offering good speed and high spin capability.

  • Highly regarded 729 Bomb blade
  • Two 729 FX lightening rubbers (one black, one red)
  • Edge tape.
  • Two galaxy rubbler protection films
  • One Galaxy cleaning sponge
  • One Galaxy blade shape cover (colour might be different from the picture.)

The BOMB is a blade formulated for modern and European style of Play. In keeping with modern demands, mid distance power with short game touch 729 BOMB uses a gradation of ply?s the outer being hard to medium to balsa with a cork core. Balsa wood is light and gives it a 'catapult' effect. The Cork veneer in the middle gives a spring like effect for mid-distance kick, and the very hard and thin outer veneers gives it very good speed. This blade has very good dwell time for loading up those spinny loops. Great control and feel. This offensive blade also plays good short game allowing for superior control of push, block, and flip.? It is a very popular blade, used by many professionals all over the world.

The 729 Lightening rubber is a special formulation and production makes for a very light, quick and easy to control rubber with huge spin generating abilities.

The bat is for serious competition players who dominate their game with high spin loops. The outer hard layers of the Bomb blade give excellent touch in close for the short game, and the power and high dwell time of both the blade and rubbers offer very high spin, good power and excellent control for looping style strokes.

This gift set pretty much contain everything you need.

The bat will be put together for you free of charge.

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