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LKT TOXIC 3 TACTICAL Blade - Super Defensive!


Ziggy Y.
The shape looks unique. However, after tried it out surprise with the performance. Fit the right rubber thickness no more than 1.6mm and is good for chop, block, push & smash and most important, good control. If you try 2.2mm thickness, get ready for super springy effect, well such thickness great for speed on FH/BH, no control. Overall, its a very good blade. Going for the 2nd order.

Stephen Barnes
I took a chance on this blade for a hardbat set up with 802 both sides and it works every bit as well as I hoped it would. The slowness of the blade gives enough dwell for service spin, yet it is still punchy enough for flat hitting. Control with this blade is superb in the short game and also for soft or chop blocking. Delivered to England in 5 days, BRAVO!!!

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