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729 Cream MRS (Hardness: 40) - Spin, Speed & Control!


Ive try cream wiyh jap.sponge speed glued and it was wery good and now I try cream MRS aply first Juic Ecolo Expander 2 and left it for 24 hours to absorb and dry well before aplaying a speed glue.next day I speed glued on Joola Kool blade and try it.
Fantastic, mrs sponge is a lot beter than japanise sponge now this feels like a batterfly Tackyfire C 100% same feeling, more easyer to drive the ball.This Cream MRS does play everything wery well defence or ofence you can smash it,topspin with great speed,chop,push,serves and blocks does all in exelent maner which is not easy to achive with oder rubbers from all other brans or they are fast and hard to defend or to slow.
Cream MRS realy does it all on backhend and forhend.
Realy great rubber.
Date Added: 03/19/2007 by Goran Brlek

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