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Friendship - Blackwhirlwind wooden Blade


Even if it is marked as defensive by Friendship, this is a true allround blade. Slightly slow according to Chinese standards, it is actually slightly faster than the standard allround European blade, Stiga Allround. It is also slightly less flexible, but not as rigid as most Friendship blades, which means it will support European type rubbers quite well. Still, it is hard enough to provide maximum reversal on anti-spin rubbers and long pimples-out rubbers, and its speed is suitable for those rubbers too, so in this respect it truly is a defensive blade. It is best used with soft to medium hard LKT or Friendship rubbers. Light-weight antispin rubbers such as Juic Neo-anti or Tobhar Ellen Def combine vbery well with this blade in moderate thickness (1.5 mm).
Date Added: 01/31/2012 by Kees Glimmerveen

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