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TSP REFLEX 50 Award Offensive (FL/ST)


This blade is excellent. It's expensive but well worth the money. I have been experimenting often with TT equipment during the last few years, and have spent a lot of money. When I first used it this blade, I thought it may be too slow. Although it's labelled as "offensive", it's nowhere near as fast as other bats I've used. Each company is different in their bat speed ratings, however, so it's hard to know what to buy.

I have used fast pimples on the TSP blade, and found that I could smack winners so fast that the opponent had no time to react. At the same time, I can play a short game. That's the best balance I've found. The bat is well manufactured, not too heavy or light, and not top-heavy, plus there is plenty of dwell time.

I have recently experimented with rubbers, now using an inverted Tensor rubber on the forehand, rather than the fast short pips. The bat is even faster now. It's still easy to hit winners (either flat or loop-kills), but I can play the short game with it too. I think I may have the perfect blade. Just by choosing suitable rubbers, the blade would suit most players. I play an all-round attacking game, based more on speed than spin, and yet this bat has been described as excellent for loopers. So whether you hit or loop, you can't go wrong. If you want the maximum in power, you may be tempted to play with a fast carbon blade, but then you'll lose dwell-time and are likely to hit every ball off the table.

Overall, this is the best blade I've tried, and I have no reason to buy any more.
Date Added: 08/20/2011 by Andrew Pape

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