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DHS Hurricane 3


I use H3 commercial versions 2.2mm on F/H & B/H with a butterfly all-round 5 ply blade. I'm at an intermediate level.
I do not glue.
Added a lot to my spin serves using a bit of wrist.
Looping and driving at moderate pace goes where I want.
Increase speed with a lot of body behind seems to go up a gear or two, receivers get caught with extra bit on it.
i'm not a big chopper but does this well.
Lobbing is a bit of an effort.
Seems to be able block any incoming top/side spin shot fast or slow and gets it back with no fuss.
Good for counter hitting.
Sticky top sheet attracts dirt, need to keep it clean , (sometimes the ball would drop down to the table, not sure if dirt or inconsistant in rubber? or me)
Great buy for performance vs price.
Date Added: 11/20/2006 by Raymond Ho

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