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Darker Speed 90 9mm one ply Kiso Hinoki (made in Japan)


I ordered this blade a week or so ago and it finally arrived yesterday, loaded with Tenergy 05 2.1 on both sides. I was amazed by how easy the blade handled the ball. Short drop shot returns, slow spin, fast spin, control when I needed this. I thought that the ball would fly off the bat but I was in complete control.

I played in the league yesterday with this new bat and had no problems with my opponent, I did not drop a single game, It was a most enjoyable experience.

I must admit that when I was much younger I player the Jonyer H 1 - 9 blade so I had an idea of what the blade was capable of. A few years ago I ordered a H 1 - 9 one ply hinoki wood blade from Ireland but the blade I just purchased is by far superior.

If you can afford the extra money and lets not forget a blade is for life then it is well worth purchasing it. I will probably purchase a reserve blade shortly.
Date Added: 10/31/2018 by Josh b.

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