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NEPTUNE OX, Long Pimples (top sheet only) RED

Berson Bruno

How many time it makes to receive my rubber, if i buy a "neptune"?


Serving Secrets Revealed - Coaching Table Tennis DVD (Clearance)

Edward Loyola
Hello, I am Loy Loyola, a Yank from Tampa, Florida. I bought this DVD about a week ago and I am just amazed with this DVD. I am a high level YMCA type of player, probably if I played in a club, I would be just around intermediate ranking. I have played since 1974, have had no formal coaching and about 2.5 years ago switched from Penhold to shakehands.

The DVD is not for a beginner, since the serves are not simple, but will definitely help somebody in my stage. At each section, it feels like a light was turning on in my mind and I couldn't help myself from saying "so that's how it's done". Both Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario, the player and the coach, are excellent in imparting their message. The techniques are well discussed and the technical production is very good, showing slow motion where needed.

I have seen other training DVD's but this apppeals to me the best. For the cost of an hour's worth of coaching, it is a steal! I really hope the production company will come up with sequels to this awesome tandem.

This DVD is rated two thumbs way up!

By the way, One of a Kind was very patient with my purchase style (didn't like PayPal and lived in the US) so if I see more stuff that's not available here in the US, I will definitely buy from them again!

This vendor is rated EXCELLENT!!...

NEPTUNE OX, Long Pimples (top sheet only) RED

dominique noel
its verry dommage that your site it's not in french and to command some things its very difficult.

TSP REFLEX 50 Award Offensive

Goran Brlek
This blade is really blade for loop and topspin play.dwell time is big ball comes off wery spiny but can play passive game with easy.rubbers on my one are TSP triple 21. offensive sponge on back and Avalox Pronte on forehand.I must say that for first time since I play table tennis and try a hips of blades and rubbers this is combo taht feels perfect for my style from the moment I start playing with it.No meter wat is service,loop topspin blocking even is easy to chop the ball.Plenty speed and to me moast important spin is fantastic....

TSP REFLEX 50 Award Offensive

I have purchased several blades to try and find one I really liked. It's easy to read reviews and think "oh yes" this is just what I need. But until you use the product it's hard to know. This can be a costly exercise.
The balance , weight and feel are very nice. I don't believe I will ever need another blade. Combine this with an offensive or an allround rubber , I have JUIC nano and Nittaku Hammond (gone for offensive back and forehand) yet control is great , speed is good. Some superb loop play and generally topspin play (for me).
This blade is quite simply sweet. It is expensive but at least I have stopped buying blades - so in effect its cheap :) You can feel the ball and are in-touch with your shots. Certainly recommend this to anyone....

KTL Instinct, controlled attack blade (5ply)

David Chew
For the price, you get control and speed. Chuck on some fast non-tacky rubbers and this thing is a beast. I personally use focus II and LKT XP Gold Dragon. It has really good control when blocking and really explosive when looping and driving. Great bat even for beginners or players moving on from a pre-made....

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