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729 RITC 804 Anti-Spin

Benjamin Vautier
Thought I would add. The sponge is HRS medium soft.

729 RITC 804 Anti-Spin

Benjamin Vautier
I just used this rubber new today and was very happy with it on my BH. I don't think that this rubber with a 1.5mm sponge can be called a 'real' anti rubber because the spin reversal is not that strong and the speed is quite high. Having said that it suite my style of play very well.
It has very good control, as well as good speed. Blocking and returning heavy spin serves is nearly effortless.

I think that if you want a 'real' anti effect and a slow things down a little you would have to go with a 1mm or a 0.6mm sponge. With a 1.5mm sponge this rubber can be played as an allround rubber....

729 FX Lightening - light with outstanding control and spin

Benjamin Vautier
I bought this rubber at first to use on my BH, with a Focus II on my FH.
I could not block heavy loops properly with this sponge on my BH, because it would 'catapult' the ball over the table. (My blocking technic on my BH isn't the best either...)
However, I started playing this rubber on my FH and everything changed. I have the 2.0 mm sponge and am very happy with it. It has good control (I can block heavy loops with it on my FH), but also a lot of speed. I have found that I can play the ball flat and it responds very well, even with a lot of incoming top spin. It is also good at looping. Overall this is a good quality rubber that delivers a good all round experience....

Juic Neo Anti (1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0)

patrick sicat
good braking effect the ball just bounces LOW AND STRAIGHT UP when you loop. unlike any other anti spin rubbers which bounces slow, low and with a small arc. trully a RHYTHM UPSETTER!!!...

KTL Instinct, controlled attack blade (5ply)

Terence Jandroep
As a former National champion 1986 and Masteru-40 in 1999, I am now pursuing a racket to make my come-back. I have tried several items, but feel the sport has progessed significantly. So I got to go back to the basics. I have practiced with this blade for the last 2 months and gradually changed my rubbers. I suggest the combination with DAWEI 388-a FH and Friendship (faster) BH, you have speed and control. Not suitable for a looper but a control spinner. Hope to make it to the Nationals by end of the year in Aruba...

729 FX Lightening - light with outstanding control and spin

Ji-Soo Woo
Having picked up table tennis again after a 20 year break, I've been trying to settle on a good combination for myself. Forehand rubber should be spinny but with good control. After trying out a number of inverted rubbers, all promising 'outstanding' spin and control, I've decided FX Lightening is the one that lives up to its billing.

This rubber has fantastic control. It is hardly tacky at all, but it generates more spin than all my other tacky rubbers with mechanical spin. To take full advantage of this you need fast racquet speed and I would suggest using a light blade (it works a dream with Donic Cayman). Practicing 'brushing loops' against my coach, this was the only rubber that could trouble him. The lack of tackiness is really only an issue when it comes to generating spin on serve, but it can still do well with proper technique.

With the soft sponge, the racquet has excellent dwell time and gives you a real feel for every shot....

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