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DHS Hurricane 2

Lee Rogers
Hard and fast sticky chinese rubber.

Very offensive attacking rubber with abilty to put both speed and spin on ball with fine skill.

World number 1 Wang Liqin uses this rubber.

To control this spin wise you need refined and fine skill. You'd prob need to play 'at least' 2 times a week to control this thing with consistency, especially if like to use spin. So hard and fast that it is very hard to control spin wise on faster blade....

729 GeoSpin Tacky (1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2)

Goran Brlek
Well I have try this one before and was to slow for me.I like the extrem tackynese but just to slow I had to put all the power my self to get a litle bit of speed.
This time I got this rubber and before I glued I aply Juic sponge expender 2 left it for 6 hours and then speed glued with Dawei speed glue.This has change this rubber from slow to wery lovely dinamic rubber not the fast killer mashine just litle bit faster then without all aplications great for serving,pushes.flicks everithing that needs a lots of spin.Little bit hard for smashes but wery good for beckhend.Wery happy this time with geospin tacky.I think if this top sheet would be combined with japanise MRS sponge that would be an awsome combination....

DHS Hurricane 3

Raymond Ho
I use H3 commercial versions 2.2mm on F/H & B/H with a butterfly all-round 5 ply blade. I'm at an intermediate level.
I do not glue.
Added a lot to my spin serves using a bit of wrist.
Looping and driving at moderate pace goes where I want.
Increase speed with a lot of body behind seems to go up a gear or two, receivers get caught with extra bit on it.
i'm not a big chopper but does this well.
Lobbing is a bit of an effort.
Seems to be able block any incoming top/side spin shot fast or slow and gets it back with no fuss.
Good for counter hitting.
Sticky top sheet attracts dirt, need to keep it clean , (sometimes the ball would drop down to the table, not sure if dirt or inconsistant in rubber? or me)
Great buy for performance vs price....

729 GeoSpin Tacky (1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2)

Lee Rogers
Good for loop driving and attacking. Great control. Has great spin potential and speed ok when you add the power. Offensive at near table and allround at behind table. A very good rubber.

Just don't put this rubber on clunky and vibrating blade. This rubber is suited for a "smooth feeling" blade.

The black is much more sticky than the red.

Very good with speed glue....

DHS Hurricane 3

Lee Rogers
All the top chinese shakehanders in the world use this rubber on forehand.

Wang Liqin, Hao Shuai, Chen Qi, Lui Gouzeng and probably many of the skakehanders below them in China use it.

If you want to or are prepared to: "open up, swing and rip on forehand and dictate/control in an offensive manner with top spin loops and attacks" then this is superb. Great spin and serve....

729 FX (1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0)

Lee Rogers
Great beginner choice and allround rubber. It is not super fast but over the table it is great with super touch spin with super control....

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