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Professional Bats

Professional Table Tennis bats

Custom table tennis bats consisting of blade & rubber combination used by the actual professional players, both from current and former Elite players. These are NOT the basic bats sold in sport stores with fancy player pictures and star ratings, but OOAK carries the actual custom bats used by professionals, and provides a Free Professional Assembly Service, including matching edge tape. Bats are ready to use when you receive them.

Although a professional table tennis bat won't guarantee you'll reach the same level, you can be assured that these are the highest quality combination with a perfect match of rubbers and blade, to ensure that the bat won't hold back the athlete.

Note: At OOAK Shop we have decades of experience in assembling bats, so we can do a professional job like no other. We include matching edge tape for a complete and neat finish. Blades & Rubbers are in stock.

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