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TSP Spectol 21 Offensive Sponge

Andrew P.
Suitable for close-to-table speed play. Suggested reading: Drew Ogden's "How to dominate with short pips" ebook

See World Champion Wang Tao matches on youtube (eg against Persson and Waldner)

Wang Tao (CHN)
Avalox p700
FH: Globe 999
BH: TSP Spectol (spectol is intended for BH use, but Singapore's Li Jia Wei is an exception)

Why use SP21 rather than other short-pips:

1) Deceptive due to the pips shape. You can attack & deceive. Doesn't react as much to spin so easier to return loops

1) You can hit "knuckle-balls", the ball dropping off the blocker's bat

2) Against opponents who back off, easy to dropshot & play passive blocks, making the ball land short of the opponent

3) To really confuse opponents, you can mix up both passive and active blocks

4) You can return a spinny serve with the opponent's spin and added spin of your own, given good touch

5) With a combination bat & fast game, spin changes quickly, messing up opponents. They also don't have time to watch which rubber you're using, putting them under pressure


1) Plays like long pips (deceptive), but has cons of long: difficult to play against no-spin balls and not good at generating your own spin

2) The OFF is not fast, even in max on an offensive blade. Hard to get pace against slow balls Anything less than max is not suitable for attack

3) More difficult to learn because of its unusual properties. Not recommended for those wanting to cover a weakness.

4) Ball trajectory is almost linear: by having less spin you don't have the safety of spin from inverted

5) If your coach doesn't know about pips you might be better off with inverted

6) All pips have pros and cons. You have to know how to use them

7) Takes time to get used to. You'll need a big break between comp seasons. No quick fix to your game but an option many don't consider. Could change your whole playing style for the better

Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood

james penhaligon
Been using this blade for 12 months. Its a little heavy, 88g, but the control and speed offering due to a little extra weight is brillant. Great for a close - mid table game, with evolution mx-s rubbers. Has a little flex, and very large sweat spot like a carbon blade. Soft feel, plays well with harder sponges, like chinese, vega pro, jp01 etc, The blade is perfectly balanced, so it feels lighter than it is. Perfect blade for most players. Needs a seal though, this blade should last the distance, 10 plus years....

Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX

syarif abdurrahman
happy britdays sister,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Darker Speed 90 9mm one ply Kiso Hinoki (made in Japan)

I have finally found the Holy Grail of all table tennis blades. From now on I will not be using anything else other than this. It is now my ONLY weapon of choice. This will also be my last purchase for as long as I have it.

After buying and selling a whole gamut of Butterfly blades (ZJK ALC & SZLC, GARAYDIA ZLC & Vizcaria), Andro Treiber Z, Nittaku Septear & Noveliar, I have now arrived at the final frontier.

Kiso Hinoki is legendary which is why you may notice that all of the blades I've used in the past have some sort of this wood being used in their construction.

When I found out that this blade was discontinued by Darker in 2014, due to the severe shortage of premium quality Kiso Hinoki, I immediately purchased three (3x) from the OOAK Shop as they managed to secure one final shipment.

Everything that's been said about this blade is 100% TRUE. No amount of R&D that Butterfly will ever spend on the latest greatest cutting edge carbon can ever replace the FEELING that you get from a Darker Speed 90 in your hand.

This blade is highly dynamic, offering great touch and slow speed at low impact and huge power with high spin at high impact. The optimized thickness and shape provides a highly stable blade with the largest sweet-spot of any blade in existence covering the ENTIRE face of the blade and producing virtually ZERO vibrations.

Because of that this blade is tremendously confidence inspiring when paired up with the right combination of rubbers. Impossible to place shots I weren't able to make before are now more powerful, more spinnier and more accurate. During open ups I am now the aggressor versus being stuck in an endless game of pushing and chopping - so annoying!

My search is finally over and I am so glad I was able to secure a final shipment before these rare species finally gone extinct. Currently using Nittaku Fastarc C-1 on the FH and Nittaku Alhelg on the BH. I may experiment with Fastarc P-1s & Tenergys n d future but right now its perfect!...

LKT TOXIC 3 TACTICAL Blade - Super Defensive!

Stephen Barnes
I took a chance on this blade for a hardbat set up with 802 both sides and it works every bit as well as I hoped it would. The slowness of the blade gives enough dwell for service spin, yet it is still punchy enough for flat hitting. Control with this blade is superb in the short game and also for soft or chop blocking. Delivered to England in 5 days, BRAVO!!!...

DONIC Waldner OFF World Champion 89 - German-made!

Paul Glassenbury
After playing for approx 25 years and using a variety of blades, I don't think I have ever used a bat with this much speed but with amazing control. It truly has gears! When playing an agressive stroke, this feels definitely quicker than my Persson Dotec blade and my Burn OFF-. Yet, when pushing or attempting a drop shot or simply blocking it has amazing feel and control and I found myself putting balls into the net more than I expected. The blade definitely has a soft feel but combined with my Bluefire M2 rubber seems perfectly suited for an aggressive player who also has the ability for an around game....

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