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Table Tennis Blades

Defensive table tennis blades are the slowest but offer the highest control. Suits players that just keep getting the ball back, varying the spin and placement to draw errors or weak balls from the opponent, allowing you to finish off the point with a smash.

All-round table tennis blades are medium pace with good control. Suits players that mix up defensive play with attacking play. Suitable for a wide range of players, that want good control and consistancy, but need enough power to hit it past your opponent.

Offensive table tennis blades are the fastest blades for a mostly attacking game. Suitable for players that are willing to sacrifise some control for extra attacking power. Combined with suitably offensive rubbers, these will give you plenty of power to hit or loop it past your opponents.

Specialised table tennis blades have unique features, such as ultra lightness, unusual handles or combination blades that have different playing characteristics on either side. Suits players with a unique style where such a blade can give you a real advantage, or for players with special requirements or injuries.
Handle shapes of table tennis blades

Table tennis grips / handles These blades (not all) come in 3 different handle types (shapes), Flared (FL) is the most common, Straight (ST) is less common, and Anatomic (AN) is the least common. Many blades are only made in 1 or 2 handle shapes, some in all 3. If you're not sure which suit you, Flared is the safest option.

Penhold table tennis blade handle shapes
Penhold table tennis blades. Blades with a different handle grip / style, most common in some of the Asian countries. Chinese penhold is common amongst Chinese players, Japanese Penhold common among Japanese and Korean players.

Darker Aquablade alpha FL/ST (Clearance)

Darker Aquablade alpha FL/ST (Clearance)

$165.00  $110.00
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