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Rubbers -Inverted

Table tennis rubbers that are smooth on the outside and designed for maximum spin. These rubbers come in the following types:

Defensive table tennis rubber - these rubbers are slower and are designed for maximum control, and/or high spin. Suitable for player that need high consistancy and mainly chop / push the ball back, and only attack occasionally.

All-Round table tennis rubber - these rubbers are for players that still want good control, but mix up defensive play with attacking play. Suitable for a wide range of players, that want good control and consistancy, but need enough power to hit it past your opponent.

Offensive table tennis rubber - these rubbers are for player with an attacking game, and are willing to sacrifise some control for extra attacking power. Combined with an offensive blade will give you plenty of power to hit or loop it past your opponents.

Glue-effect table tennis rubber - these are high-tech offensive rubbers, that will give you more speed and spin with less effort. These are used by the majority of players in the top grades.

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