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Spinlord Rubbers

Spinlord table tennis Australia

Spinlord is a new German brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis. They stand for the following principles:


Spinlord are honest enough to say that many of their products are made in China. But unlike other brands, additional quality tests are done in Germany. Every single SpinLord product has to pass several quality tests before they sell it. Products that don´t pass their quality tests get fixed in Germany or thrown away.


Spinlord products are not only OEM, they are really different to those of other brands. All SpinLord products are developed by SpinLord in Germany with the help of experts from many countries and then produced in the world’s best factories. They never copy what other brands make. That is not their style; their style is always to create something new and exciting.


When you buy a product from SpinLord you get more for your money compared to products from other brands. It is not their target to be the cheapest brand in the world; it is their target to be the best brand in the world for a reasonable price.


Spinlord Pimple rubbers

The SpinLord long pimple rubbers are some of the best rubbers for 'disruptive play' currently on the market! All have high control, take the pace off very well and are great for disrupting the game of your opponent, and producing confusing spin and surprising ball paths. There is no complete alternative to the old (and now banned) frictionless long pimples, but these Spinlord long pimple come among the closest, and provide a high level of control and much better offensive potential.To help you select the best one for you, choose:

  • For maximum disruption effect with high control, and good offensive ability choose Dornenglanz
  • For the highest control, and to take the most speed off the ball, choose Stachelfeuer
  • For best spin reversal with high control and good attacking abilities, choose Zeitgeist 
  • For the highest attacking ability - the ultimate hitting long pimple, choose Feuerstich
  • For high attacking ability with medium speed and good control, choose Sternenfall
  • For the best allround abilities of all the above, choose Agenda

You can find all our Spinlord tennis tennis rubbers here

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OOAK shop is the sole distributor for Spinlord in Australia and one of the few distributors worldwide! OOAK is a trusted specialist table tennis store, and has been in business for more than 10 years. We pride ourselves on expert advice and quality service, so you can be assured that you'll be satisfied with your purchases. All our Spinlord products come directly from the manufacturer, so you can be assured that our products are fresh and genuine.

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