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Darker Sakura blades





The Birth of the Sakura Blades

the unique feel of the one-ply blade achieved with multiple plies


This is a new technology and has been the big dream that Darker has longed for! 

For the materials and construction we decided to choose a 7-ply with Kiso Hinoki, which has a proven track record. 

Next the development team tackled the gluing method of the plies, which influences the feel of impact. This new gluing method is the result of many years of dedicated research and effort!

Finally, by using the materials and special gluing technique, the sensation of dwell time, sharpness of the bounce and flex of the blade, something that was uniqye to one-ply Hinoki blade, has now been achieve with multi plies. 

It is the birth of the multi-ply blade that reproduces the feeling of a one-ply Hinoki blade!

Note: The name "Sakura" comes from the colour of the special glue (cherry blossom pink) developed be Darker (see the thin pink/red lines between plies, pictured left)










Characteristics of Sakura blades:

Soft shock-absorbance and strong flex to co-exist with a slight time-lag is the biggest feature of the Sakura. Weak flex at the low end of impact, strong flex at the high end of impact. (red line on the graph)

That is one characteristic that, surprisingly, few blades possess. Too much bounce on drop shots or blocks, and conversely, when hitting hard away from table, the power of a multi-ply blade often does not come out as one might expect.(blue line on the graph)

--- The blue line represents that strong rebound occurs upon low impact and rebound not strong enough occurs upon high impact(non-symmetric performance).

--- The red line represents that weak rebound occurs upon low impact and strong rebound occurs upon high impact(symmetric performance).



Feel the Evolution of Blades - The Darker Sakura Lineup

The incessant search for the possibility of "Sakura" sees the completion of two types made of different material and construction. The expression of personality is the passion of this lineup.


Darker ALBA

Just like the killer shot of top player - Feel the "catapult" after the "bite"!

Making the best use of the characteristics of Sakura, the racket suppresses the bounce of close-to-the-table drive, block and so on, but increases the bounce for driving rally. The combination of hinoki and other wood has created an ideal sensation at impact. Power hitter will feel satisfied as well.

  • For offensive play
  • 7-ply of hinoki plus other wood
  • Grip/ FL, ST

The cherry blossom pink (as seen between plies on the edge of the blade) is the proof of Sakura.



Darker SERIO

As a result of "Sakura", the hinoki-only plywood blade comes with good "catapult" and at the same time the experience of "sharp stretch"!!


A unique characteristic realized by Sakura is the flexible feel at impact that allows for ease of driving. This blade is especially suitable for players who favor soft feel at impact. You should be able to feel the catapult, and at the same time the good stretch of hinoki.


  • For offensive play
  • All-hinoki 7-ply plywood
  • Grip/ FL, ST

The cherry blossom pink (as seen between plies on the edge of the blade) is the proof of Sakura.



Thanks goes to zeio for his translation help from Japanese.