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Tibhar Table Tennis bats Australia

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Tibhar Australia
One of the major Germany-based table tennis manufacturers, Tibhar produces a wide range of the highest quality and professional table tennis equipment, suitable for beginners all the way up to the elite levels. They also have some specialised equipment that you won't find from other brands!


For the benefit of those customers interested in Tibhar, OOAK have spent considerable time and effort to research and test the best blade & rubber combinations from the Tibhar range, which you can find below.

Note: Only Official Tibhar Distributors can buy direct from Tibhar Germany. Buy direct from us, and you can be sure you'll get the genuine item, fresh from the Tibhar factory!


Special Tibhar Australia products and blade/rubber combinations:


Tibhar Intermediate player bat1. Intermediate player

The Tibhar Match is quality all-round blade with good feel and control, suitable for both offensive & defensive styles. Although the Tibhar Evolution is a high-end rubber, the FX-P in 1.9mm still offers really good control on the Match blade, and you'll be able to generate tons of speed & spin with the least amount of effort. The FX-P, which is many ways very similar to Tenergy 05 FX, is also highly durable, so you won't need to replace them for a long time, which compensates for the slightly higher initial cost, while you enjoy a high performance rubber.


2. Intermediate to Advanced player

The European-made Samsonov Alpha has a world-class reputation as being an outstanding all-round blade, suitable for defensive and offensive style play. Combined with the high spin, high speed Evolutions EL-P, this combination is excellent for a close to mid-distance looper, offering very high spin, and good speed, and excellent control and precision.


Tibhar Advanced player bat3. Advanced to State level player (Timo Boll style)

Another world-class blade, the Samsonov Stratus Carbon, uses Kevlar to give the blade the softer feel and touch of a wooden blade, while providing the large sweet-spot, stability and power of that if a carbon blade. This blades combines particularly well with the latest generation 'glue effect' rubbers such as the Evolution MX-P and Tenergy. The MX-P is the most commonly used Tenergy 05 alternative, offering very similar performance but a little more speed. Ideal for aggressive players and Power Loopers, this combination won't hold you back in any way, and can take you all the way to the Elite level where both these rubbers and this blade is used.


4. Advanced to State Level player - extreme spin looper

Another world class combination, with a little more focus on extreme spin and placement, rather than power. The Stratus Power Wood offers great speed for an aggressive looper, while maintaining the dwell-time and feel of all wooden blades. The new (2015) Evolution MX-S is great for producing extremely spinny loops, and even has extra grip required for the new plastic balls. Ideal for aggressive players and Spinny Loopers, this combination won't hold you back in any way, and can take you all the way to the Elite level where both these rubbers and this blade is used.


5. Advanced to State level player - the Beast

The weapon for uncompromising aggressive attack. The Tibhar Triple carbon is VERY fast blade with 3 layers of carbon, offering a huge sweetspot and outstanding stability for looping, hitting & blocking. The high-spin Tenergy rival Evolution MX-P offers the necessary spin and grip to lift the ball and make you loops land, while offering great power to put the ball away.


6. Modern Defender style - fast attack forehand, defensive backhand (e.g. Joo Se Hyuk, Chen Weixing)


The Stratus Power Defense is specifically designed for a modern defender style play. The backhand is usually used to chop back loops with long pimples to produce very heavy backspin, making hard for the opponent to loop the next ball with power. The Tibhar Dtecs has been used on many occasions by the great Joo Se Hyuk, widely regarded as one of the best modern defenders ever. Any weak balls can be attacked with extreme spin and great speed, with the powerful Evolution MX-S, the most recent (2015) 'glue effect' rubber form Tibhar. The extreme grip of this rubber makes it particularly effective with the new plastic balls as well.


7. Push / blocker with extreme Deception

The Tibhar Defense Plus is one of the most popular blades for a close-blocker / pushing style game. It's great for taking the pace off the balls, even against powerful loops, giving you great control over the pace of the game. Combined with the powerful Evolution FX-P, this bat can still give you good power on active strokes when you need it.
The Tibhar Grass Dtecs is the king of deception among long pimple rubbers, giving the best spin reversal and producing a wide range of awkward and/or wobble balls when blocking. Blocking loops can produce short balls with very high reversal, often forcing mistakes or forcing weak balls, which can then be punished with the powerful forehand. The Defense Plus and Grass Dtecs combination is also ideal for pushing backspin balls aggressively, producing a (relatively) fast and deceptive topspin balls, which can take your opponent by surprise.


8. Combination style player - control the spin & pace with ease

The Tibhar CO < S < 3 Defensive is a relatively slow defensive blade, suitable for a close-in to mid distance blocking / pushing /chopping style game. It's great for taking the pace off the balls, even against powerful loops, giving you great control over the pace of the game.
The Super 40 Defense with a super thin 0.9mm sponge offers the ultimate in control and feel of the ball. Brush it lightly or push the ball and you still get lots of spin. Block or hit the ball with ease as it's quite insensitive to spin, and the ball comes off almost flat, making it harder for your opponent to attack again.
The Ellen Antispin is virtually impervious to spin, even reverses some of the spin against harder loops, and offers tons of control, as well as the ability to take the pace off even powerful loops. This combination can be especially effective against fast and spinny players, as you can control the pace and spin with ease, taking their weapons away.


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