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One of the most famous Korean table tennis manufacturers, Xiom produces a wide range of the high quality and professional table tennis equipment, suitable for beginners all the way up to the elite levels. Most of their blades are made in Japan, Korea or China, whereas the majority of their rubbers made in Germany.

OOAK Shop is a Xiom distributor based in Adelaide, Australia. All our Xiom goods are purchased directly from Xiom Korea, so you can be assured of genuine products fresh from the manufacturer.

About Xiom

The name XIOM comes from the word AXIOM (pronounced same as 'axiom'), meaning 'new paradigm' or what you call a 'self-evident truth that requires no proof'. Xiom is a large table tennis manufacturer in South Korea,  originally started in 1976 as Champion Co., Ltd. They started by making table tennis tables at first, and slowly expanded by producing rackets, and other table tennis products. They were very successful in Korea and became best seller for Table tennis tables and rackets in Korea. And due to fact Korea is probably 4th Largest table tennis market in the world, the company was very succesful.

Starting 2004, they started investing more money on professional equipment and recruited professionals to bring them to the next level. In year 2007, the company were able to come up with superior rubbers and blades to release them in the market. But they felt that the name Champion was somewhat weak and conflicted with the Champion of USA, therefore they officially launched a new brand, XIOM.

Since the release of XIOM, they were able to accomplish the following.

  • #1 in Korea for rubbers and blades (about 80~85% market share)

  • #2 for sales in rubbers in the world. (this data excludes Chinese brands such as 729, DHS, etc.)

  • #6~7 for sales in blades in the world. (this data excludes Chinese brands such as 729, DHS, etc.)

Xiom are famous for applying art to the table tennis world. If you look at their packaging or products, you can see that they concentrate a lot on unique and cool packaging and product design. They have many designers in XIOM who consistently look for better and cooler design for their products. They also invest a lot on development. Every year, they test about 500~1000 new blades to come out with the best possible blades as possible. One of their main and unique goals is Coolest designs, best products and loved by all table tennis players.

You can find the full range of Xiom products in OOAK Shop here.

If there's a Xiom product we don't carry, please let us know, as we can generally order it in for you, and stock it in future.