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Stiga Table Tennis

Stiga table tennisOOAK Table Tennis Shop carries the biggest range of Stiga table tennis blades in Australia!

Stiga table tennis, a global company with partners in over 100 countries started out as a traditional Swedish table tennis company with both hobby and professional products. Stiga started its production of table tennis products in 1944 and is today established as one of the world's largest brands of table tennis.

Particularly Stiga tables and blades became very popular in the 70s & 80s, when they were one of the top choices particularly in Europe where many world champions emerged. Over time popularity was also gained in the Asian markets, where many Chinese champions also used Stiga blades.

At least in Australia, Stiga is no longer as popular as it used to be. It's still popular for tables, but many of their high-end blades face strong competition from other major brands, who offer (arguably) similar or in some cases even superior performance at the same price.

This is why OOAK Shop carries mainly the classic blades from that golden age of Stiga, which is what made Stiga famous, and these blades are still popular today. OOAK Shop is a Stiga distributor based in Adelaide, and all our Stiga goods are purchased directly from official Stiga distributors, so you can be assured of genuine products fresh from the manufacturer.

It's important to match the blade with a right rubbers for maxium performance. OOAK are experts in matching the right rubbers to the right blade, and will assemble the bat to a professional standard FREE of charge. 

You can see some of the more popular products that we stock below. You can find our range of Stiga products here. If there's a Stiga product we don't carry, please let us know, as we can generally order it in for you, and stock it in future.

The most popular Stiga Blades:

Stiga allround ClassicStiga Allround Classic WRB

A classic allround blade with great feel and high control. Works really well with a wide variety of rubbers.




Stiga Energy Wood

Stiga Energy Wood

A step up in speed from the allround classic, but still with outstanding feel and control. Also works well with a wide variety of rubbers.



Stiga Offensive Classic

Another step up in speed, this is great for deveoping players that play a tradition double-winged looping style game. Works well with most rubbers, even the current high-end tensioned rubbers.




Stiga Clipper Wood

Stiga Clipper Wood bladeFor all out offensive players, that loop or loop drive everything. Works well with most rubbers, also very popular with short pimples on one side, for fast blocking and smashing.





If there's a Stiga product we don't carry, please let us know, as we can generally order it in for you very quickly, and stock it in future!

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